Antonio Lecuna

Antonio Lecuna

Antonio Lecuna

Profesor Investigador

Ph.D. ESADE, España

  • PhD in Management Science, ESADE, Barcelona.
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA), Boston University, EE.UU.
  • Bachelor of Science (cum laude), Babson College, EE.UU.

Fono: + 56 2 23273777


 Lecuna, A., Cohen, B., & Chavez, R. (2016). Characteristics of high-growth entrepreneurs in Latin America. International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal, 1-19 (ISI)

Chavez, R., Yu, W., Jacobs, M., Fynes, B., Wiengarten, F., & Lecuna, A. (2015) Internal lean practices and performance: The role of technological turbulence. International Journal of Production Economics, 160(Feb): 157-171 (ISI)

Lecuna, A. (2014) High income inequality as a structural factor in entrepreneurial activity. Journal of Technology Management & Innovation, 9(1): 13-26 (Scielo/Scopus)

Lecuna, A. (2013) From Chavismo to a democratic left in Venezuela. Dissent, 60(3): 26-28 (ISI)

Lecuna, A. (2012) Corruption and size decentralization. Journal of Applied Economics, 15(1): 139-168 (ISI)

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