Pablo Muñoz

Pablo  Muñoz

Pablo Muñoz

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  • Pablo Muñoz

    Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship

    University of Liverpool Management School, UK



    Selected publications


    ·         Muñoz, P. Cacciotti, G. Cohen, B. 2018. The Double-edged Sword of Purpose-driven Behavior in Sustainable Venturing. Journal of Business Venturing (In Press)

    ·         Muñoz, P. 2018. A Cognitive Map of Sustainable Decision-Making in Entrepreneurship: A Configurational Approach. International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour & Research (In Press)

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    Books and policy reports

    ·         Cohen, B. Muñoz, P. 2016. The Emergence of the Urban Entrepreneur: How the Growth of Cities and the Sharing Economy Are Driving a New Breed of Innovators. ABC-CLIO: Praeger

    ·         Muñoz, P. 2017. Entrepreneurial Ecosystems in Rural and Peripheral Communities: A Conceptual Base for Observation and Analysis. Entrepreneurship Ecosystems Support Programme, Corfo. Universidad del Desarrollo, Chile.

    ·         Muñoz, P. Kimmitt, J. Serey, T. Velásquez, L. 2016. The Structure and Dynamics of Social Entrepreneurship in Chile. Entrepreneurship Ecosystems Support Programme, Corfo. Universidad del Desarrollo, Chile.