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Business Administration


This program seeks, with the help of academics of each career, to communicate to young people the characteristics of the UDD: the educational model based on competencies and the sense of vision and mission, among others.

The “Puente” Program consists of two days, where different Faculties present their pedagogical proposal and solve the doubts new students may have, by working in group workshops led by the professors.

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Initiative that was born from the Instituto de Emprendimiento (institute of entrepreneurship) of the Faculty of Economics and Business, and is one of the experiential milestones of UDD Business Administration, where all the students who are studying Entrepreneurship II participate.

During one day and accompanied by a tutor professors and assistant, students must develop different challenges through the fulfillment of various milestones.

The students are divided into groups and are in charge of a tutor professor and an executive student, who help them to define a work problem during the day, then to carry out an execution plan and to create the greatest possible value.

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With the aim of developing a global mentality in students, the UDD Business Administration career, annually holds the “International Summit” at the Santiago and Concepción headquarters, having a series of exhibitions related to the North America and Asia’s culture and economy.

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Cycle of challenges the Business Administration career seeks to promote in its teaching model.

Various organizations pose a challenge in class and students must develop it during the semester in one of their electives classes, together with the guidance of the professor in charge.

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Program that is carried out based on challenges aimed at students, which are proposed by the university professors and/or companies, foundations, start-ups, where it is sought to strengthen the skills development through interdiscipline and collaboration.

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Degree program aimed at students of fifth-year of the Faculties of Design, Engineering, Business, Advertising and Architecture, which focuses on developing innovation projects. Our program targets young people who want to go beyond what is established. If you are looking to improve a situation or find an unconventional solution to a problem, you are already part of the dLab team.

For a year, students can experience a real immersion in the workplace, solving specific problems from an interdisciplinary and innovative perspective.

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