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Erica Salvaj Carrera

Directora de Investigación FEN UDD

Erica Salvaj is Professor of General Management and Strategy and Research Director at the School of Business and Economics at Universidad del Desarrollo (UDD), Chile and Visiting Scholar at Universidad de San Andres, Argentina.

Her primary fields of research are strategy, leadership, social networks, corporate governance, international business, gender and business history.

She completed her Ph.D. in Business Administration at IESE Business School, Barcelona, was GCEE Fellow at Babson College and has received fellowships and research grants from the Argentinean and Chilean National Commissions for Scientific and Technological Research.

She has been awarded with the fellowship “Alfred Chandler” from Harvard Business School and the Australia-APEC Women in Research Fellowship.

Her publications have appeared in leading journals including Global Strategy Journal, Journal of Business Research, Harvard Business Review, Corporate Governance, Business History, Enterprise and Society, Business History Review, Multinational Business Review, among others.

Erica has been an active member of the OMT Division at AOM since 2007 and the Iberoamerican Academy of Management. She contributed as a reviewer, presenter and PDW organizer.

Also, in recent years she has been a faculty facilitator for the Doctoral Student Consortium.

Finally, Erica is board director at Fundación Conboca

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