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Joana Huamán Salirrosas

Ph.D. student at the School of Business and Economics at UDD in Chile, Chile. Her main research fields are strategy, business sustainability, and organizational behavior.

Joana has been working on understanding firms’ adaptation to the physical impacts of climate change. This work has been published in top peer-reviewed journals like Cleaner Production.

Featured Publications

1. Firms’ adaptation to climate change through product innovation. (2022). Journal of Cleaner Production, 350, 131436.

2. Firms’ Adaptation Strategies to Climate Change: A Literature Review. (2022). In Academy of Management Proceedings.

3. Trends in research on climate change and organizations: a bibliometric analysis (1999–2021). (2022). Management Review Quarterly.

4. The Role of Circular Business Modeling in the Entrepreneurial Identity-Construction Process. (2021). Sustainability.