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Roberto Ponce Oliva

Director Centro de Sustentabilidad

Roberto D. Ponce Oliva (Ph.D.) is Associate Professor at the School of Business and Economics at UDD in Concepción, Chile. His main research fields are related to Business Sustainability, Climate Change Economics, Water Economics, and Tourism.

Roberto has been working on understanding the relationship between economics, society, and the environment. This work has been published in peer-reviewed journals like the Journal of Cleaner Productos, Sustainability Sciences, and Energy Policy. In Teaching, Roberto gives undergraduate (economics) and graduate (organizations and the environment) courses.

In applied research, Roberto has been involved in projects with firms in the water and sanitation sector and the food industry. He also has informed the public policy debate by participating in projects for national (Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Social Development) and international institutions (ECLAC and IADB).

Currently, Roberto is working with three Ph.D. students in topics related to firms’ adaptation to climate change, and firms’ environmental behavior.

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