Fees and scolarships

Cost of the program

Fee: $20.000.000 (8 semesters) chilean pesos

Tuition: $ 500.000 chilean pesos


The Universidad del Desarrollo will offer scholarships for up to 5 students in the form of:

  • Fee and Tuition Scholarships
  • Monthly stipend of $1.098.000 Chilean pesos
  • Food allowance

The amounts for stipend and food allowance are not supplemented by other funds the student may obtain. [1]

As a counterpart to the monthly stipend, the student must provide services as a research assistant, undergraduate teaching, assistant for pre and postgraduate courses, among others.

The monthly assistance will last for the period of the doctoral program (8 semesters) and its annual renewal is subject to good academic performance.

[1] If the student has other maintenance funds, the UDD will lower the amount of the stipend in order to reach the amount indicated above.

Doctorado en Economía de Negocios - Acreditado por 3 años