The School of Economics and Business (FEN)

The FEN of the Universidad del Desarrollo focuses its research activity around the Centro de Investigación de la Empresa y Sociedad ([CIES] center for enterprise research and society) and the Instituto de Emprendimiento ([IE] institute of entrepreneurship) The IE has 10 doctors who carry out research in different aspects of the entrepreneurship process. The CIES has six doctors who perform research related to enterprise and its environment.

In recent years, researchers from both centers have published in leading journals, including: The Journal of Economic Theory, The European Journal of Operational Research, Small Business Economics, Climatic Change, Journal of Environmental Management, Emerging Markets Finance & Trade, Journal of Environment and Development, Pan American Journal of Public Health, Plos One, Harvard Deusto Business Review, and Harvard Business Review, among others.


Partnership with the Macquarie University

The FEN-UDD has a cooperation agreement for the development of co-tutelage system with the prestigious Australian Macquarie University [1]. This means some students selected by Macquarie, have the possibility of developing part of their doctoral research in said university and could opt to obtain both Doctor degrees (from UDD and Macquarie). For more information on the requirements to be accepted in a co-tutelage system, see Macquarie’s site (http://www.mq.edu.au/research/phd-and-research-degrees/how-to-apply/entry-criteria). The UDD can recommend outstanding students who meet the requirements, but can not guarantee their acceptance in said program.

[1] Several rankings position Macquarie among the 10 best Universities in Australia (see http://www.australianuniversities.com.au/rankings/#timesrankings).

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