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Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM)

The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) is the most representative study on entrepreneurial and innovative activity worldwide, since it compiles more than two decades of indicators that measure entrepreneurial attitudes, new entrepreneurial initiatives and the characteristics of the established businesses of the economically active population in more than 100 countries.

Structure and dynamics of Entrepreneurship in Chile 2016

In 2016 was conducted by the Universidad del Desarrollo with the support of Corfo, the study on Structure and Dynamics of Social Entrepreneurship in Chile, in conjunction with researchers from the University of Leeds and Newcastle in the United Kingdom.

Red de Estudios sobre Migración y Emprendimiento (REME) (Migration and Entrepreneurship Studies Network)

The Red de Estudios sobre Migración y Emprendimiento is sponsored by Atlas Network, a foundation that promotes individual freedom to improve human prosperity. REME seeks to generate information and high-standard academic debate on migration and entrepreneurship, impartially and based on evidence.

Observatorio de Emprendimiento Regional (OBER) (Regional Entrepreneurship Observatory)

The Observatorio de Emprendimiento Regional was carried out with the support of Corfo. The OBER aims to contribute to the creation, implementation and diagnosis of public policies focused on regional entrepreneurship ecosystems.

Academic publications

In recent years our researchers have published in leading journals: Journal of Business Venturing, Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice, among others.

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