Admission for UDD Business Administration


Aimed at students graduated from Secondary School, who participate in the Sistema Único de Admisión Universitaria (Unique University Admission System) and is based on an objective selection procedure that considers the following weightings for Business Administration at the Universidad del Desarrollo:

To enter by regular PSU admission, applicants must comply the following:

Applicants will be selected in descending order, by considering the application score and vacancies available in the Career, according to the standards established in the Sistema Único de Admisión Universitaria. The applicant selected must formalize their enrolment within the deadlines set by the Sistema Único de Admisión Universitaria.

The score of the last enrolled student in the career in the 2018 Admission process was 625.3 weighted points.

Documents required to complete the Enrolment:

540 weighted points and 500 points in the PSU average (PSU Language and PSU Maths) is the minimum postulation score defined by the career through the Sistema Único de Admisión.


Aimed at those applicants who did not directly enter the career through PSU and are interested in studying Business Administration at the UDD. There are 10 Special Admission venues validated by the career and each one has its own application requirements.

Process stages:

  1. Apply online.
  2. You will be contacted by the Career Admission Coordinator to schedule an interview and you must present the requested documents according to your way of admission.
  3. The Career forms an Admission Commission which will evaluate your application according to the entry requirements.
  4. You will be informed by phone or email if you were accepted or rejected in the career.
  5. If accepted, we will notify you of the enrolment date.
  6. Details of the Special Admission avenues admitted by the career.

Details of the Special Admission avenues admitted by the career


The Bachelor in Business Administration Program allows its students to grow and mature as students within an university environment, to acquire a sense of belonging to the university, to  work in the development of social and personal skills, to be responsible for the decisions taken and to develop basic competencies that allow them to succeed in the career.

The Program will last two semesters and approving its curriculum assures you a place in the Business Administration career.

Why Bachelor in Business Administration?


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Admission Coordinator Consuelo Cura Teléfono: +56412268636

Contact Campus Santiago

Admission Coordinator Gonzalo Marín Teléfono: +56223279257
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