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Business Administration


CV Correction: We advise you in the elaboration and/or modification of your CV, aiming that you could impress the recruiters and get the interview you want. The design, structure and content are evaluated according to quality standards that are currently required in the selection processes.

LinkedIn Counseling: We help you get the most out of the world’s largest professional network. From how to achieve a good profile, how to strategically build your contacts network and how to generate activity, so that you achieve visibility which will open doors for you.

Labor Interview Counseling: A recruitment specialist psychologist will simulate a job interview, and then give you feedback and tips aligned to your profile. We help you to strengthen your speech and strengths, in order to show out the best of you. We tell you what the selection interviews are about, what is sought with them and what methodologies are used.

Support in the job search: We can answer all the questions that may arise in this work insertion or re-insertion process. Where to look for work? What do I put in an application mail? How am I dressed? Is what I answered right? There are no fools questions!

Workshops/Talks: Throughout the year, we have several instances of conversation, updating and topics development to strengthen your personal brand and increase the chances of success in the workplace.

UDD Labor Market: Every day we update the portal with attractive job offers. Go to www.mercadolaboral.udd.cl


The FEN Graduate Network has different tools to support its graduates in terms of employability and career management, through UDD Alumni:

– UDD Labor Market: Web portal with exclusive job opportunities: www.mercadolaboraludd.cl

– Coaching service, job interview simulation and CV review.

– Workshops for internship and soft skills development.

UDD Alumni Coordinators

Santiago: Mariana Brevis / marianabrevis@udd.cl

Concepción: Daniela Socha / dsocha@udd.cl

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