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Business Administration

UDD students have the opportunity to study at a foreign university for 1 or 2 semesters, validating upon their return the courses taken and approved abroad for subjects previously agreed with the academic coordinator of the career. Learn more here.

Students of the Bachelor Degree in Business Administration program also have the possibility to study their last year in one of our foreign universities with which we have an agreement and obtain their undergraduate degree plus a Master’s degree in:

Double Degree in Master of Science in Management at Leipzig Graduate School of Management


Double Degree in Master of Science in International Business – Track Strategic Corporate Finance at Maastricht University


Double Degree in Master in International Business or Master of Commerce in Business at Macquarie University



The Faculty of Economics and Business and the UDD International Relations Office are organizing the 1st version of the “International Consulting Project” program developed together with Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Finland.

The activity is aimed at students in their 4th and 5th year of their Bachelor Degree in Business Administration who are interested in participating in a consulting program for Chilean and Finnish companies in a mixed international team modality, where in addition to working in a real context, they will experience the particularities of the markets and business culture of each country.

All sessions will be conducted remotely, and the teams will have a Chilean and a Finnish tutor, who will guide and mentor them in this process.

Check out the details of the program


You will be able to take a number of credits in a specific area, equivalent to one semester of academic load. By passing all the courses you will be able to obtain a Minor.

Virtual experience

You will have the opportunity to live an international experience without the need to leave the country, either by participating in online courses at one of our partner universities, doing your internship in a foreign organization or taking a short-term international program.

English at UDD

Participate in the English leveling courses necessary to meet the language requirement for your degree and take a voluntary TOEFL/IELTS preparation course or a course to learn English at one of our partner universities in the U.S., Canada or Australia.

Global Classroom

Enroll in one of the courses of your career taught entirely in English so you can interact and study in a global classroom, and share with international students doing their exchange at UDD.