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Carlos Poblete

Director of Education for Entrepreneurship - Assistant Professor


Areas of interest:

– Entrepreneurship; Strategy; Innovation

Research Areas:

– Entrepreneurial cognitions; Minority entrepreneurship; International Entrepreneurship

Courses taught (Undergraduate and Postgraduate):

– Introduction to Business Management, Entrepreneurship I, Entrepreneurship II, Psychology of Entrepreneurship


– Amorós, J. E., Poblete, C., & Mandakovic, V. (2019). R&D transfer, policy and innovative ambitious entrepreneurship: evidence from Latin American countries. The Journal of Technology Transfer, 1-20.

– Poblete, C., Sena, V., & Fernandez de Arroyabe, J. C. (2019). How do motivational factors influence entrepreneurs’ perception of business opportunities in different stages of entrepreneurship?. European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology, 28(2), 179-190.

– Poblete, C. (2018). Shaping the castle according to the rocks in the path? Perceived discrimination, social differences, and subjective wellbeing as determinants of firm type among immigrant entrepreneurs. Journal of International Entrepreneurship, 18(2), 276-300.

– Poblete, C. (2018). Growth expectations through innovative entrepreneurship: The role of subjective values and duration of entrepreneurial experience. International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior & Research, 24(1), 191-213.

– Poblete, C. & Mandakovic, V. (2018). El rol de la inmigración y las expectativas de crecimiento en el emprendimiento innovador: el caso de Chile. Información Comercial Española: Revista de Economía, Noviembre-Diciembre 2017, 899.

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