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Daniel Lerner

Joint Appointment


Research Areas:

– Entrepreneurship

Courses taught (Undergraduate and Postgraduate)

– Professor at Deusto Business School, Spain.


– 2018. Green Innovation, Managerial Concern and Firm Performance: An Empirical Study.

– 2018. Entrepreneurship and attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder: a large-scale study involving the clinical condition of ADHD

– 2018. Dueling Banjos: Harmony and Discord between ADHD and Entrepreneurship.

– 2018. Action! Moving Beyond the Intendedly-Rational Logics of Entrepreneurship

– 2016. The Dark Triad and Nascent Entrepreneurship: An Examination of Unproductive versus Productive Entrepreneurial Motives

– 2016. Behavioral disinhibition and nascent venturing: Relevance and initial effects on potential resource providers