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GEM Mundial 2017-2018

The GEM 2017/18 reports that entrepreneurship levels are stable or on the rise globally and that opportunity-driven entrepreneurship predominates, but there has been a worrying drop in job creation prospects across all economic development levels.


GEM Mundial 2015

The 2015 Global Entrepreneurship Monitor survey represents the 17th year that GEM has tracked rates of entrepreneurship across multiple phases and assessed the characteristics, motivations and ambitions of entrepreneurs.


GEM Mundial 2014

This Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) report provides the results of its sixteenth survey on entrepreneurship held every year across the world.


GEM Mundial 2013

El informe señala que los emprendedores se encuentran entre las personas más felices del mundo, cuando se trata de bienestar y satisfacción con sus condiciones de trabajo.


GEM Mundial 2012

Positive attitudes about entrepreneurship in an economy can indicate the propensity for people to engage in this activity. In addition, attitudes can signify the extent to which a society may provide cultural and financial support and generate potential


GEM Mundial 2011

La dificultad de iniciar un negocio respecto al año anterior disminuyó de 69% a 47% en los emprendedores establecidos y de 61,7% a un 36,3% de los iniciales.


GEM Mundial 2010

The 2010 survey shows that, in the economies analyzed, some 110 million people between 18 and 64 years old were actively engaged in starting a business. Another 140 million were running new businesses they started less than 3½ years earlier.


GEM Mundial 2009

Not surprisingly, entrepreneurial activity declined in most GEM countries in 2009; however, about a third of the studied countries showed increased activity.