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Carlos A. Osorio

Associate Professor


Research Areas:

– Innovation Strategies and Processes; and Complex Systems

Courses taught (Undergraduate and Postgraduate)

– Innovation Processes; Innovation Strategy


– Osorio, C. (2020) “Future-proofing ourselves” en Schroeter, J. (ed.) “Aftershock: the world’s foremost futurists reflect on 50 years of Future Shock—and look ahead to the next 50”, John August Media, New York, NW.

– Osorio, C. (2020) “Diseñando la Organización Innovadora en América Latina”, Gonzalez, D., Giraldo, J. (eds.) en versión Español del Handbook of Organization Studies (vol. 2).

– Osorio, C. y Renard, M. (2019) “Designing Safe Learning Environments for Discovery, Empathy, Failure, and Igniting Impact in Latin America”, Proceedings of the 2019 American Education Research Association Annual Meeting, April 5-9, Toronto, CA.