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Research Center in Business and Society (CIES)

Who we are

The CIES is constituted as a platform for generating, analyzing and disseminating content on topics that affect the development of companies and their projection to society.

What distinguishes us:

  1. The CIES seeks to build bridges between academic research and the need for an applied look that seeks to contribute to the analysis and discussion of issues that are part of the public debate in the field of business and its projection to society.
  2. The CIES platform constitutes a meeting and dialogue point among the world of academia, business, study centers, civil society organizations, the Government and, in general, those who participate in the debate on public policies that affect the business development of Chile.

How we operate

CIES develops its work through the publication of academic papers in specialized journals and books aimed at a wider audience; preparation of documents oriented to the discussion of public issues; organization of seminars and conferences; and organization of dialogue instance on specific topics.